Longjiang Of Shunde---"Great Chinese Furniture Manufacturing Town", Capital Of Chinese Furniture Materials  
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Booth No. Company Name Business Scope
1A3   Foshan Haima Furniture Co., Ltd Soft Furniture
1A7   Foshan Shunde Aiyi Furniture Factory Soft Furniture
1A8   Foshan Shunde Longjiang Oumijia Furniture Soft Furniture
1A9-10   Foshan Fadani Furniture Co., Ltd. Soft Furniture
1A11   Foshan Shunde Longjiang Xiantang Haoxuan Furniture Co., Ltd. Soft Furniture
1A12   Hongxiu (Shengmolisi) Furniture Co., Ltd. Soft Furniture
1A13   Foshan Zhiju (Kuchi Furniture) Soft Furniture
1A15   Weisi Furniture Manufacture Co., Ltd. Soft Furniture
1A16   Foshan Nanhai Jiujiang Shengjia Furniture Factory Soft Furniture
1A17   Foshan Shunde Longjiang Baobeijian Bedding Industry Co., Ltd. Soft Furniture
1A18   Migesibao Furniture and Buyuan Furniture Produced Soft Furniture
1A19   Jinshimingyuan Furniture Manufactory Soft Furniture
1B1   Foshan Mingjia Furniture Co., Ltd. Soft Furniture
1B2-3   Foshan Shunde Longjiang Langqin Furniture Factory Soft Furniture
1B7   Foshan Jianermei Furniture Co., Ltd. Soft Furniture
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