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Booth Decoration & Installation steps:

Note :
1、Booth decoration is at 8:00am –12:00am and 13:30pm – 18:00pm, from 9th March to 15th March 2015, which lasts 7 days. All exhibitors should finish the booth decoration before 18:00pm on 15th March .
2、Installation is at 8:00am—21:00pm, on 16th March 2015.
3、The undertaker will clear the hall at 21:00 on 16th March and handle with site arrangement, cleaning and safe checking. All staffs of exhibitors should leave the hall before 21:00pm.
4、Attendees and booth construction contractors should provide the copy of Electrician Card and booth design and construction plan before 20th February 2015 to the organizer for approval. When entering the construction plant, they should fill entrance form and related documents at the reception desk with the construction approval issued by the organizer, and then get the booth arrangement card before start the construction work.
5、Exhibitors should obtain the exhibitor-card at check-in desk before 14:00 on 16th March
2、Public Security
1、Security men for exhibition will be arranged by the undertaker. Security men will go round in the exhibition hall during exhibition period to keep order.
2、As there will be lots of people in the hall during exhibition time and it may happen frequently to have thing stolen, exhibitors should appoint enough staffs to watch their goods to avoid being stolen.Exhibitors should arrange 1-2 safe guarders to ensure the safety in their booth.Exhibitor’s staffs should come to the hall 30 minutes earlier before open and leave the hall after security men check the hall before close every day. The undertaker has no duty for wound of exhibitor’s staff and loss or damage of goods on display.
3、If you see any suspicious person, inform the security men at once.
4、 Security men are entitled to stop and handle with any illegal issue or behavior breaking rules in the hall.
5、Don’t leave valuables in the hall and please lock the show box after the close of every day. Exhibitor has the duty of keeping their goods safe.
3、Insurance and responsibility
1、The property insurance and the public liability insurance for the exhibition hall will be purchased by the co-sponsor.
2、Exhibitors should pay for booth decoration and insurance for goods on display in case of having things stolen, lost, damaged or fire, etc.
3、Exhibitors should pay for Industrial Injury Insurance for their employees during the period of booth decoration and installation, exhibition and dismantlement.
4、Exhibitors should bear their own consequences in case of accident on their employees, goods and properties without insurances.
5、For special reasons, the undertaker has the right to completely or partially cancel or postpone the exhibition and to decide the actual treatment.
1、The undertaker will arrange cleaners to keep public area clean every day and exhibitors should put their garbage to the appointed place before the close of every day. In addition, exhibitors should clean up all odds and ends before the opening ceremony of the exhibition. If leaving any litter, the exhibitor should pay for added cleaning fee to the undertaker.
2、No litters on the gangway of the hall. Exhibitors should take responsibilities of cleaning their booth.
5、Goods store
There is no space for goods storing for exhibitors in the hall and exhibitors should handle with storing issue themselves.
6、Rules on special booth installation
1. Booth which will be specially decorated only have normal booth space with public lighting and without carpet.
Exhibitors shall design and set up their booths by themselves and abide by the relevant rules prescribed by the organizer.
2. Exhibitors shall submit the booth design drawing, and the name, address and contact number of the booth decoration company to the organizer for approval before February 20, 2015. The scale of design drawing shall be no less than 1:100 and shall indicate the detailed construction dimensions. The design drawing shall include plan, elevation, design sketch, electrical plan, electrical systematic drawing (the circuit diagram shall indicate the total electricity consumption [unit: kw]), types and quantity of lamps and lanterns, electrical parameters, and construction materials, all of which shall be submitted to the organizer for approval so as to ensure the safety in utilizing electricity and the conformance to fire control regulations. Otherwise, the organizer has the right to refuse to let exhibitors enter the place to commence construction.
3. Electrical Equipment Installation Requirements and Electrical Safety Regulations
(1)All electrical equipment shall be installed by the construction unit according to safety standards, and all electrical materials selected shall conform to national product quality standards and fire safety requirements. It is strictly prohibited to use non-standard materials such as flexible cord, copper-clad aluminum wire, etc. The wire shall use uninflammable double-plastic copper-core wire and sheath wire.
(2)The installation, wiring and dismantlement of all electrical equipment shall be conducted by the personnel possessing the electrician certificate according to electrical safety regulations. Before power on, all electrical equipment and devices shall be tested by professionals designated by the Meeting. In case the test results do not meet the standards, no power shall be supplied.
(3)It’s prohibited to use neon light, electric stove, electric heating appliance, fluorescent lamp with magnetic ballast, and the lamps over 300W. The organizer has the right to refuse to supply power and compulsively dismantle the electrical equipment deemed thereby as dangerous.
(4)The total electricity consumption of a booth shall not exceed 35VA/m2, and exhibitors shall prepare a power box equipped with leakage protection switch.
(5)One socket can only be used to support one exhibition device whose power is within 500W. It’s strictly prohibited to use multipurpose socket so as to avoid the short circuit caused by overload.
(6)In case single-phase load exceeds 10A, three-phase supply shall be adopted to balance the load.
(7)Down lamp and quartz lamp shall be protected with asbestos. The installed lamps shall be more than 0.3 meter above the exhibits and ornaments. The sealed ad lamp box and lamp post shall have convective heat emission holes, Rectifiers and triggers selected for Lamps should be qualified products.
(8)Exhibitors and construction units shall take good care of the electrical equipment in the exhibition hall, and shall not arrange wires and connect appliances in disorder. Once discovered, the power cut will be taken as the punishment and exhibitors shall be held responsible for the loss thus caused to the exhibition hall.
(9)Exhibitors shall cooperate when the electricians designated by the organizer check the electrical equipment in their booth and the power distribution equipment such as circuit and switch. Once any hidden danger is discerned, exhibitors shall cooperate in making rectifications in time and shall not refuse to be checked or not to make rectifications with excuses.
(10)The electrical equipment in each stand shall be checked and accepted and powered by the Meeting. In case any electrical equipment is added without permission, the Meeting has the right to require the instant dismantlement of such equipment and impose a fine of less than 1,000 Yuan. In cases of gross violation, the Meeting has the right to cut off the power.
4. Decoration Construction Requirements:
(1)All doors should be all decorated as 3.5 meters high and 3.3 meters high inside for the Fair.  (the height of booths in the atrium shall refer to the further notice given by the organizer), and no booth higher or lower than this height shall be approved.(2)Decoration materials shall meet the requirements of fire control and environmental protection. Inflammable or volatile items are strictly prohibited to enter the exhibition hall. Wood materials shall have fire retardant treatment with 0.5 kg fire-proof paint for each square meter. Preformed units shall be coated with fire-proof paint. Otherwise, no power will be supplied.
(3)Structures shall be constructed within the area rented by exhibitors and shall not obstruct fire-fighting facilities such as fire-fighting access, fireproof door, fire hydrant, fireproof roller shutter, fire alarm button, automatic fire sprinkler, and fire detector. Such structures shall be safe and reliable, and all door and lamp beams shall be supported by wall or stand column.
(4)During the construction, no equipment in the exhibition hall shall be damaged, dismantled or reshaped, no passageway, wall and floor be smeared, no punching or nailing be made on the door, window, column, wall, roof or floor, and no venue and piping support be used to lift things. In case of any violation, the party involved shall assume the corresponding economic responsibility.
(5)It’s strictly prohibited to smoke in the exhibition hall.
(6)It’s strictly prohibited to conduct operations which have naked fire or will generate high temperature or spark in the exhibition hall, which include electrical (gas) welding, metal cutting, polishing, etc.
(7)In the entire exhibition hall, it’s strictly prohibited to use inflammable, explosive and dangerous chemical products, including banana oil, turpentine, oily paint, alcohol and volatile solutions and flammable gas such as lighter gas, hydrogen and oxygen.
(8)Each booth shall not be entirely ceiled with plywood and its ceiling shall be open. The ceiled part shall hang an automatic fire extinguisher according to fire control regulations. In case the booth is decorated and ceiled with cloth, a distance of 0.2m shall be left between two pieces of cloth and fire retardant shall be spread on the cloth.
(9)The stand shall be decorated by professional design and decoration companies, and the structure of each stand shall be safe and reliable, with special attention paid to the ceiling, support and glass decoration. The ceiling girders and door beams shall be made with the plywood thicker than 10mm, and it is strictly prohibited to use silicate board as the main bearing wall.
(10)All glass shall be toughened glass, and it is strictly prohibited to paste glass, mirror and stone material on the silicate board (gypsum board).
7、Configuration for standard booth and attentions
1、Basic facilities for standard booth
a、Lighting in hall
b、Board with company name
c、One 10A/220V outlet (Not for light, light box, neon light, electric cooker and electric heater, etc.)
d、Two lights, one meeting table, two chairs, one trash can, board and carpet.
a、Exhibitor should fax the installation drawing of standard booth (Click for Feedback Form of Floor Plan of Standard Booth) to the undertaker before 20th Feruary 2015. The location of booth board and definite location of spot lights should be clearly marked on the drawing. The undertaker will build up the booth according to the exhibitor’s drawing and if there is any change after the booth is built, exhibitor should be charged RMB 30 for each removing board and RMB 50 for each added board. If the undertaker doesn’t receive the drawing before dateline, the booth will be built according to the undertaker’s rule and exhibitor should pay for any change after the booth is built.
b、Any power connection can be done only by the undertaker. Exhibitor is not allowed to connect electric power or joint their electric device to other wire by themselves, otherwise the undertaker has the right to stop providing power and the person who causes any accident should bear the liability for it.
c、No nail, hole, spraying and hanging heavy goods on the board or sawing through the board. If there is any damage of the board, exhibitor should pay for the original price.
d、If there is any additional outlet wanted, exhibitor should pay RMB50 for electricity fee and installation fee for each 15A outlet.
e、If there is any additional light wanted in standard booth, exhibitor should hire it from the undertaker and prepay for all costs. (Click for Feedback Form of Fittings Rent)
8、Regulation with 10 items on fireproofing in the exhibition hall
All staffs of exhibitors and construction companies should obey Fire Prevention Law of the P.R.C and follow relevant fire prevention rules of Foshan Qianjin Exhibition Center.
1. No smoking in the exhibition hall. Transgressor will be strictly punished as the case may be and related exhibitors will be blamed for the responsibility.
2. Keep the gangway clear and the exit door should be opened without lock. Installation and putting goods at the gangway or in front of stairs /lift are not allowed and transgressor will be blamed to pull those goods down.
3. Exhibitors are not allowed to connect electric power or joint wires and their electric devices (including light and bill light) by themselves. If it’s necessary indeed, exhibitor should apply to the undertaker and appoint an electrician with electrician-card to do it only after getting the approval of the undertaker. Material for electric power connection should be eligible products and if there is any accident and disputation caused by disqualification products, the exhibitor should take all responsibilities. During connecting wires or installing electric devices, the exhibitor should adopt fire retardant wires and follow the safety regulation of electricity using. The power could be supplied for it only after checking and acceptance.
4. Exhibitors should aforehand apply to the undertaker if they decorate and install the exhibition site by themselves, including building up the booth and exhibition platform or frame, billboard, etc. and the construction could be done only after the approval. Decoration material should be fire retardant plywood or material and other material should be treated as substandard and the exhibitor would be blamed to pull them down.
5. Fire protection facilities including fire hydrant cannot be blocked, embezzled, occupied or damaged during construction, decoration and installation of exhibition. The top of booth should adopt ceiling with open style for fear of blocking the watering spray-head and fire detector.
6. Electric-heating devices and high-power lights, including electric cooker, electric jug, electric iron and iodine-tungsten light, are forbidden to use in the exhibition hall. Neon light is also forbidden in the exhibition hall.
7. Poisonous or dangerous goods are forbidden in the exhibition hall. Products including fireworks, firecrackers, gas, thinner, alcohol, coal gas, hydrogen, oxygen and dangerous and virulent chemical products, etc. could be exhibited by substitutes only.
8. Packing box, sundries, wastepaper and redundant exhibition products should be put in order and moved out of the exhibition hall in time and it’s forbidden to put them in the booth, on the top of the tank or behind the board. Anyone who breaks the rule will be punished and be blamed to clean them up.
9. Carefully clear the site and ensure the security after close the hall every day. Key points:
(1) Clearing up flammable sundries, kindling and other hidden troubles for calamity.
(2) Switching off power supply.
(3) Closing doors and windows, and closing the booth.
10. Open fire is not allowed in the hall during construction and performances. If there is any break, related exhibitor will be blamed for the responsibility.
All attendees and construction contractors kindly please follow above rules strictly, and will be charged economic and legal liabilities if there is any deregulation.

9、Charge in booth decoration and installation period(9th March to 16th March, 2015)
1、During the period of decoration and exhibition arrangement, the organizer would charge participants which enter the site to decorate the booth management fee (including fees of public light, public cleaning, public water, site supervision and electricity) from the day of actual decoration. The fee will be charged in variable rates per the area of the booth.  Please see the  table below for details.
Time Slice



Charge per square (Yuan)



2、 Overtime work is not allowed in the hall in principal. If OT is necessary, the exhibitor should submit an application to the undertaker before 3pm every day and OT is not allowed until approval by the undertaker.
3、Any constructing unit should pay deposit at the same time with registration to ensure their staffs work under regulations. The deposit should be RMB3000 per booth which area is not larger than 100m2 and RMB5000 per booth which area is over 100m2. The deposit will be return to exhibitor after booth teardown and through the checking of the undertaker there is no any breaking to exhibition’s rules. If there is any breaking to exhibition’s rules, the deposit will be deducted accordingly and if the deposit is not enough, exhibitor should make up the balance.

10、Charge for Electric power in exhibition period(17-20 March, 2015)
Item (specification)

Unit Price (Yuan)



















插 座(15A)


Note: Exhibitor should apply for the demand of power during exhibition at the same time with applying for the approval of construction plans.
11、Rules on intellectual property protection
In order to protect patent rights of inventers, maintain exhibition’s good fame and avoid all exhibitors’ rights and interests to be infringed illegally, the undertaker makes below regulations with protection of design and patent rights of relevant goods during exhibition:
1、Exhibitor should obey relevant patent protection laws and regulations of state and the rule of the exhibition.
2、Exhibitor is not allowed to display any infringing products on site and should take all responsibilities caused by any infringing action in the booth. Exhibitor should not display, quote or deal with other’s patented products without permission of patentee.
3、Once relevant patent administration department accepts and handles with complaint on patent infringement, the undertaker will cooperate with the administration department or relevant notary organ and the complainant to get evidences on site (including photography and video), check and make conclusion. Once the infringement was concluded by the patent administration department, the department will send an acceptance notice of patent infringement to the exhibitor who is complained and require the infringer to teardown the exhibiting items.
4、For ensuring the smoothness of exhibition, exhibitor who is complained and their staffs should actively cooperate with patent administration department and the undertaker to check the patent of relevant exhibition goods. Patent administration department and the undertaker have the right to ask policeman and security men of the hall to help them with relevant tasks.
5、Any exhibitor who is complained privately takes photos for evidence without approval of the undertaker and accompany of relevant notary organ will be regarded as breaking the rule of exhibition and the undertaker has the right to forbid it.
6、There is a complaint center in the exhibition. Any complainant should complain through the center. For those complain not through the center and privately make deal with suspect, which cause trouble in the hall to affect the normal ordination of the exhibition, the undertaker has the right to forbid them to enter the hall.
12、Items on exhibition teardown
1、Exhibitor should fill in relevant questionnaires on exhibitor information before the close of the exhibition. Information provided by exhibitor is used for statistic only. The undertaker will provide dismantlement card only after receiving filled forms in the afternoon of the last exhibition day (20th March).
2、Exhibitor should tear down exhibitions with exhibitor-card and teardown-card and release permit with company seals for removing exhibition goods. If there is no the seals of the exhibition office at the same time, the security men of the hall will not allow they leaving. Teardown time is from 21 to 22  March and exhibitor should finish teardown in this period. For those overdue teardown, the undertaker has no the responsibility to store those left goods and has the right to deal with remainders and will deduct the clean fee from the deposit.
3、After the opening ceremony of exhibition, the exhibitor cannot take new exhibition goods in the hall and cannot remove exhibition goods out of the hall before the closing of exhibition.
4、Advanced exhibition teardown is not allowed and goods sold may be picked up on 21th March only.
5、Exhibitors are requiremented  to arrange security men to take charge of goods during exhibition teardown.
13、Arrangement of exhibition activities
1、The Open Ceremony will be ceremoniously held in the morning of  17th March, 2015                                                                     2、Several prizes of “the Best Exhibition Goods” and “the Best Booth Design” will be chose during exhibition. Please fill in the form for the Return Receipt for Best Exhibition Product and Best Design (Click for Return Receipt for Best Exhibition Product and Best Design) and fax it to the undertaker before 21th March 2015.
3、The award presentation and thanks ceremony of the 29th InternationalDragon Furniture Fair will be held at night of 25th March. There are not only award presentations in the ceremony, but also public thanks expressing to those exhibitors who provide patronage.
4、The adjustment on above activities is based on the announcement at that time. Other activities of the exhibition will be further noticed. 。
14、Foreign trade
Enterprises which will have export business negotiation should do advance preparation as below:
1、To arrange staff who can speak English in the booth.
2、English quotation table with USD price and know the bank exchange rate of current day.
3、The package volume of all kinds of goods, and the volume and value of 20 feet and 40 feet containers respectively.
4、The basic production capacity of company, budget and estimated delivery date
5、To try to get more knowledge about foreign trade and know different requirements of different countries.
15、Other rules about the exhibition
1、The area inside and outside the exhibition hall (including front and back squares) only for enterprises to provide business services with the approval of the undertaker. Other enterprises without the approval are forbidden to do business and assign leaflets. Exhibitors’ advertising activities should be held in their own booth and are forbidden to assign material, souvenirs and any other movable advertisement in front of other booths. Assigning documents for non-exhibitors are also forbidden.
2、If causing any damage on other booth, exhibition facility or any third party’s goods, the exhibitor should pay for it.
3、All exhibitors and their staffs should wear relevant card during the installation of exhibition, teardown of exhibition and exhibition period.
4、No smoking in the exhibition hall. Exhibitor should take actively fireproofing measures to ensure the smoothness of the exhibition including stopping any smoking visitor in the hall. If there is any accident, the exhibitor who caused should take all responsibilities.
5、Decoration company should rent all facilities to exhibitor by 10% discount (Click for Feedback Form of Fittings Rent). Exhibitor should fill in the return receipt for rent and fax it to the undertaker before 20th March 2015 in case no enough supplying. For renting on site, the decoration company will charge 20% service fee based on original price.
6、During the exhibition, large sound-equipment is forbidden to use by attendee in the exhibition hall, in order to avoid breaking the whole exhibition atmosphere.
7、The undertaker of the exhibition, Foshan Qianjin Exhibition Center Co, Ltd, holds the final right of interpreting this notebook.