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2-5 September 2010 The 20th Dragon Furniture Fair
The 20th session of dragon furniture fair ends completely on September 5. From 2001 until now, is honored as “fires the Shunde exhibits economy first artillery” the dragon furniture exposition already after 10 years, for the Shunde furniture profession's conformity promotion, does unceasingly does greatly strongly, develops the domestic and foreign markets to make the positive contribution, becomes Chinese one of five big international characteristic specialized furniture displays. Since all previous years altogether has received from 113 countries and the local altogether more than 100 ten thousand people of superior purchasing agents, lets the world the buyer full understanding have consummation furniture industry chain's Shunde Longjiang, international “Long Jiazhan” has become the professional to participate positively, the visit, the purchase platform.
This session “dragon furniture fair” altogether has participation enterprise 430, civil furniture 220, covering soft furniture, solid plank type furniture, metal glass furniture and so on; Office furniture 90, including work swivel chair, work Taiwan, work sofa, hotel necessary and so on; Furniture original auxiliary material enterprise 120. Four day-long exposition altogether has 90 national and the local 86,000 specialized buyer visits purchases, but this session of families sell sell prosperously mainly have several aspect factors: First, just when at the end of the year domestic market traditional busy season; Second, domestic urbanized advancement's quickening, especially two, three urban furniture market demand was recent years exuberant, promotes the furniture demand swift and violent growth; Third, the foreign market rose again with steady steps.
In order to satisfy the participation enterprise to expand the development unceasingly the demand, promotion, consummation “Long Jiazhan” each item of matching facilities, the advance exhibits center second phase start the construction officially at the end of this year, the second phase floor space is 15000 square meters, connects with one issue, estimated that in March, 2012 is operational, after the dilatancy exhibits center total area will amount to 53000 square meters. May increase 250 to participate the enterprise, China and the West dining area, the leisure area, the multi-purpose convention centers, the cultural creativity demonstrated that the area, the parking lot necessary and so on facilities have it all, make an internationalization the specialized display facility. Meanwhile, under convention economy's lead, industrial also synchronization rapidly expands and the strength and so on Longjiang's hotel, dining, printing, entertainment, advertisement, transportation, repair, promotes the Longjiang economy development and soaring together with the furniture industry.