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6-9 September 2012 The 24th International Dragon Furniture Fair
The 24th International Dragon Furniture Fair, which held by Shunde Government and undertook by Longjiang Government, will be held from 6 to 9 September of this year in Longjing Qianjin Exhibition Center of Shunde.
In this International Dragon Furniture Fair there are 405 enterprises, thereinto, 205 home furniture enterprises, 87 office furniture enterprises and 113 raw and auxiliary materials enterprises.  Soft furniture series, wood furniture series, board furniture series and living-room metal furniture series are on display in home furniture area, all kinds of office chairs in office furniture area, new craftworks, new equipment and new raw material in raw and auxiliary materials area. Through advancing and optimizing of several years, the organizing committee kept on improving admittance threshold of exhibitors. In terms of the scale, 98% exhibitors of this fair are middle scale enterprises or above, and the image of exhibitors and products quality are promoted year after year. With the development of influence power and identification degree in furniture industry and high grade enterprises from outside of GD Province to join in, the Dragon Furniture Fair was promoted from region platform to national platform for furniture displaying. Aiming at the demand of the group people with rigid demands of furniture and replaced and promoted groups in the whole furniture market, this fair will launch high performance products with individuality, which are simple and fashion, nature and functional, and which also occupied the most active market of furniture at present.  Moreover, this fair will expand the scale of furniture marketplace and invited dealer’s scope, and we introduced a great lot of high quality furniture sellers from the second-tier and third-tier market.  Those dealers and leading enterprises of local business and trade will provide platform for exhibitors to develop the second-tier and third-tier market.