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17-20 March 2018 The 35th International Dragon Furniture Fair

The 35th International Dragon Furniture Fair successfully closed on March 20th! The Fair relied on the advantages of Industrial clusters in Longjiang, the “China Furniture Manufacturing City”, “China Furniture Materials City” and “China Furniture E-Commerce city”, to continuously enhance the scale and degree of specialization and vigorously promoted the upgrading of the industry and the transformation of economic, and has achieved remarkable results. After more than ten years of development and precipitation, the brand influence and specifications of the two major exhibitions have been continuously improved, and they have further contributed to the development of the furniture industry. The four-day exhibition attracted a total of 150,000 visitors to visit and purchase.

The 35th International Dragon Furniture Fair held on March 17-20, 2018 in Hall 1 and Hall 2 of the Longjiang Qinjin Exhibition Center in Shunde. The Dragon Furniture Fair experienced 18 years of hard work, taking root in the deep industrial clusters around Longjiang, relying on Longjiang's perfect industrial chain, and persisting in the concept of “a brand new platform for upgrading, leading the way to just need furniture” has been fully recognized by the industry. In the domestic and international furniture exhibitions have a place, 95% of domestic furniture dealers will take the Dragon Furniture Fair as the preferred procurement.

This Dragon Furniture Fair will fully optimize the layout of the exhibition area, the division of booths, and the distribution of product categories. The software, series of two halls, solid wood series, and wood series will be arranged according to their respective display needs and style characteristics, in order to achieve the best display effect of all kinds of exhibits. This Dragon Furniture Fair brings together 430 wealthy, innovative, and original quality exhibitors from major domestic furniture production bases in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Chengdu, and Shandong to create a new glory for Dragon Furniture Fair in 2018. Up to now, over 80,000 professional merchants have made appointments through various channels to attend the Fair. The number of visitors to the Fair will exceed 100,000.

The trend of the products of this Fair will continue the trend of last year's Nordic style, new Chinese style, light luxury series, etc. The products will reflect the original style and mix personality of publicity and meet the unique requirements of consumers with different tastes, preferences and personality differences. Secondly, the combination of the minimalist design concepts of Northern Europe and the elements of the East, the collision of Chinese and foreign design elements, will produce new sparks, new categories, and new styles. The selection of materials tends to use more wood and fabrics, using the texture and plasticity of the logs to enhance the beauty and value of the products, and using the different figures, patterns, and styles of the fabrics to create different product styles and differences between products. In addition to the traditional sales channels and e-commerce channels, the sales methods will have more new ideas in terms of design, production, marketing, etc. for new formats such as customization and packaging.

At the same time, new trends will be reflected in some companies. First, in emphasizing the originality, type, and style of products, the direction and selling point of new product promotion by enterprises will focus more and more on “green manufacturing, green products” and focus on environmental protection to create a green industry chain, strictly regulate the various processes to ensure that the production environment, materials and packaging, to achieve the true green environmental protection, and then explore the intelligent transformation, cross-border integration of large home development direction, around comprehensive requirements of people's home life such as safety, function and comfort, and use of interconnection technologies to provide smart home furniture solutions will be the general direction of development in the coming years.